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Workshop on disruption in Economy: The BLOCKCHAIN revolution


Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity ran past 29th and 30th June 2017, at La Casona (Tacoronte), a workshop and conference event on BLOCKCHAIN and Design Thinking. The event were open to the participation of all kind of publics, especially to Public Administration Representatives, businessmen and businesswomen, university members and IT and design professionals or techniques.


During that two days, we had the pleasure of enjoy two lectures arranged and managed by Sylvain Cottong, economist, vice-Presidend of LuxIC (Luxembourg Society for Intellectual Capital), an experienced man in business advising and consultancy. As an active user of Design Thinking techniques, as well as an advisor in re-designing businesses and administrations in order to face this new chellenging scenario, during the first day of this cycle (June 29th) he showed us the applications and potential benefits of this disruptive technology, and othe application domains, in which, Néstor Álvarez Díaz, from ULL’s Cryptology Group contributed to the event  with a presentation titled “Using Blockchain For Logictics Management”.


On June 30th in the morning, we opened with a wrap up of all the presentations from the day  before, also with a brainstorming with potential BLOCKCHAIN applications to the specific context of Canary Island, and inparticular, to Tenerife. To close up this journeys, in the afternoon, in mutual collaboration with our friends from Tenerife Tech and Biz (our especial thank to Pablo Hernández, the group’s moderator) we ran a little seminar on Design Thinking, an interesting and new methodology in the creation on nuew businesses, projects and technologies.


UPDATE (06/20/17): Here you can find the final programme of the event:

BLOCKCHAIN Event @ HCM's 'La Casona' final programme

UPDATE (07/07/2017): BLOCKCHAIN & Design Thinking Workshop – HCM’s La Casona, Tenerife 2017

BLOCKCHAIN Event June 2017 Report
BLOCKCHAIN presentation slides used by Sylvain Cottong
Design Thinking presentation slides used by Sylvain Cottong
Report on HCM's BLOCKCHAIN event (in German) by Canary Islands' newspaper KanarenExpress


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