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HCM, The New Club of Paris and ULL/IAC’s Round Table. Tenerife, a Knowledge Island


Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity, a spin-off of  New Club of Paris in cooperation with ULL & Canary Islands Astrophysical Institute (IAC) ran a Round Table on January 17th, late afternoon and evening at La Laguna.


Like any other round table run by the Club in the past, the event, which took place on January 17th, was devoted to the setting up of a strategy to turn the Tenerife (or, even better, the whole archipelago) into a Knowledge Island. The classical development of the Club’s Round Tables is based on the interaction of both local and experts sides, contributing to the debate, and exchanging positions leading to a synergic conclusion and giving advices on how the region could become a knowledge society in European and global context. In the case of Tenerife and the Canary Islands, the view towards Africa plays a very important role.


The event will take place on January 17th at IAC’s headquarters (Calle Vía Láctea s/n, 38205, San Cristóbal de La Laguna)




The Round Table was structured as follows:


  • 16:00. Welcome addresses by local hosts
  • 16:30. Overview presentation on the Canary Islands and Tenerife in specific (by a public agency representative).
  • 17:00. Introduction on the achievements of Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity the HCM’s contribution to transmit the island (and the archipelago) as a Knowledge Island, by Günter Koch, Founding President of HCM and co-founder of the New Club of Paris.
  • 17:30. Key Note by Leif Edvinsson, Founding President of New Club of Paris and current member of the Club’s Board.
  • 18:00. Debate of the future of Tenerife, along a set of topics, such as excellencies in local R&D, astrophysics, oceanography, tropical diseases, renewable energies, electromobility and further. The main idea is, for selected topics, and for drafting a developement strategy for the islands, representatives and experts will contribute to the discussion.
  • 19:30. Conclusions from the discussion and suggestions for follow-ups.

About: The New Club of Paris


The New Club of Paris is an agenda developer institution for the knowledge economy institution. The Club’s aim is to offer support to any nation, region, city, municipality, community or organization willing to turn into a knowledge-driven society. The Club is a spin-off from a high level experts group in knowledge economy, set up by the European Commision, authors of reports such as Reporting Intellectual Capital to Augment Research, Developement and Innovation in SMEs.


The Club puts together a team of intellectual enterpreneurs, scientists, opinion leaders and high-level politicians in the knowledge society and knowledge economy, to engage in research, dialogue and concrete activities. The Club participates actively in knowledge raising and knowledge sharing events around the world, running an annual conference in Paris, and coordinate, among its collaborators and partners, worldwide research efforts on the knowledge economy.


One of the Club’s most influential initiatives are its round tables, which are based on the contribution for the building of strategies for regional developement (for example, as it has been suggested before, to consider Tenerife as a “living lab” for experimenting with new technologies). The Club, as an advisory institution, has contributed to strategies of this kind in countries like Austria, Finland, Malaysia and Morocco (officially), and for Romania and Serbia (non-oficially). All official round table events ran in the past were supported (if not organized) by Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Presidents or Parliament members of the respective countries.