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[UN] Blocked: Blockchain comes back to HCM’s activities agenda (in English)



On April 1st, Blockchain will come back to Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity agenda, with the [UN]Blocked conference, hosted jointly by the Crypto-economics Institute of the Vienna University of Economics (WU) and Business and BlockchainHub Berlin, whose stream in La Laguna will be hosted by Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity and the University of La Laguna (ULL). Join us on April 1st, from 9:00AM to 6:00PM at the ULL’s School of Engineering and Technology (class 2.4).


See full UNBlocked poster here

The stream will count with the presence of members of the Blockchain community from all over the world, with brief talks about how this new technological shift can provide new opportunities to create a more sustainable world, in terms of transparency about individual and collective actions, making more reliable the provenance within global supply chains strentghening the accountability, reducing bureaucracy and power asymmetries or incentivizing environmental friendly practices with purpose driven tokens.


More info about the event here!Slides, memoria y vídeo resumen de KCWS2018