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HCM & World Skill Foundation engage in STEM education schools in Tenerife

Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity engages in the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Tenerife. With the main partner, FESTO, HCM will promote the World Skills Foundation Event in Tenerife.


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The World Skills Foundation, a worldwide programme on STEM, reached 1.354 scholars from 63 countries, during their last edition.
FESTO, a leading German enterprise in bionics, automation and technical training supports the programme.



Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity, as the main partner in the Canary Islands, organized on January an informative talk about the World Skills Foundation (WSF). The event, which took place in the Tenerife’s Industrial Engineers Society, introduced the programme to professors in Tenerife. WSF‘s main goal is to raise interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


WSF, a worldwide educational event, reached in their last edition, 1.354 scholars from 63 countries.


The programme is supported by FESTO, a leading German company in bionics, automation, and technical training. Through FESTO Didactics, its technical training and education division, the projects are brought to both professors and students. Furthermore, FESTO didactics will offer their experience, human and material resources.


Press Summary


Major local newspaper El Día highlighted HCM’s role in such an important world technologic event. The World Skills Foundation, a worldwide tech event has its sights on Spain’s potential, as El Periódico de Canarias echoed, as well. The Canary Islands are the first Spanish region in which WSF and FESTO, have landed with the programme. Most international organisms have projected that STEM occupations will figure out as the most demanded in the upcoming future. With this on the mind, WSF‘s purpose is to raise awareness and vocations on STEM among students.


To this end, FESTO Didactics partnership is a key issue. The aim of HCM and FESTO‘s talks is to introduce the educational kits and programmes set to professors and schools’ managers. The kits do include top-quality didactic material. Then, through bionic lab experiments and teamwork, students will encourage STEM interest. echoed WSF‘s general manager, Elfi Klumpp, words and interest in bringing the programme for the first time to Spain, starting on Tenerife. ‘I visited Tenerife for the first time one year ago. And my expectations have been fully met by the interest shown by professors’, Klumpp stated. Klumpp looks forward to continuing the programme in the future and seeing the first bionics clubs in a year.


Klumpp also thanked Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity’s role in bringing the programme to Tenerife‘The Canary Islands are known worldwide for tourism. But also because of one of the world’s top-3 astrophysics institutes is based here’, said Klumpp.


‘The Canary Islands are known worldwide for tourism. But also because of one of the world’s top-3 astrophysics institutes is based here’


Juan Antonio González, FESTO’s representative, declared that the project’s aim is to develop teamwork and communication skills among the students involved. ‘It is important that, from very early ages, we learn to work in teams, seeking for other disciplines’ collaboration. Making a computer scientist working with a mechanic, for instance, to offer solutions’, González said.


Klumpp also pointed out WSF‘s will to widen and extend this collaboration to public schools, according to Diario de Avisos. To this end, it is necessary to guarantee public institutions’ full commitment and involvement.


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