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Next HCM and CESCO seminar: “The Role of the Common Good Economy”

On Monday, July 23rd, from 12:30 to 13:30 at ULL’s Economics Facility, the 10th Cajasiete’s Chair of Social and Cooperative Economy (Cátedra Cajasiete de Economía Social y Cooperativa) CESCO will take place, with our president, Günter Koch as a participant. Dr. Koch, former general secretary of the New Club of Paris, and also president of the Austrian Economy for the Common Good Association will speak about Common Good Economy, with the presentation of “The role of Common Good Economy. An exchange on what studies are underway”.



The talk will structure as follows: (1) background information, (2) own history in Model Development, (3) a current status analysis of the Common Good Economy, and to conclude, (4), a review of the search for the scientific foundations of Common Good Economy. Dr. Koch will give his presentation fully in English.