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HCM and University of Kempten will be discussing the Canary Island’s economic future

Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity and a group of students from Kempten University of Applied Sciences (Bavaria, Germany) will be discussing the future of Canary Island’s economy on November 26th.


On November 26th, Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity will be receiving, as we have done for the past 3 years, a group of students from Kempten University of Applied Sciences. However, this year, COVID-19-circumstances forced this event to turn into an online conference discussing the future of the Canary Island’s economy. This year’s edition focuses on how the economy of the islands in general, and Tenerife in specific can overcome the economic downturn caused by the virus’s shutdown. Recycling systems, food and wine exports, and promotion as an ideal job location for digital nomads are some of the topics set to be discussed.


This year’s approach will be based on K-Huddle format, a moderated workshop in which a deeper understanding of subjects not yet well known nor understood is created. This is one of the key methods promoted by the Grasp Network.