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HCM’s President, Günter Koch will present in Future Talks 2020

Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity‘s founder and President, Dr. Günter Koch, will contribute to Future Talks 2020, organized by WorldDidac. Our President’s presentation will discuss Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) as an opportunity framework for economically endangered regions, and which role does art play in creative technological processes.



Within this presentation, Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity‘s experience at the Canary Islands will serve as a connecting thread of the discussion.


The presentation’s key themes will be:


  • The importance of digital STEAM (E-STEAM) education to drive social, inclusive, and purpose-oriented economic growth.
  • The effects of early exposure to E-STEAM education on societies.
  • The impact of STEAM education on youth and gender equality.
  • The relevance of E-STEAM education for developing countries.
  • STEAM as 4.0 education’s foundation. New Normal and future business models.
  • How STEAM empowers today’s and tomorrow’s change-makers to solve environmental challenges.

The conference will take place on More information and tickets at