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Celebrating 5 years of Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity


In Spring 2012, the Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity was inaugurated in a solemn act in which the President of the Cabildo of Tenerife, Don Ricardo Melchior, the Rector of University of La Laguna, Eduardo Doménech, and the Founding President of HCM, Guenter Koch, as a large number of member of the New Club of Paris took part.


Celebrating this 5 years of activities and commitment with the knowledge transference to society, past August 3rd, HCM hosted at La Casona (Tacoronte, Tenerife) the celebration of its 5 years of activity. During this event, Guenter Koch, head of HCM, presented a sample of the actions HCM have ran on this 5 years of activity. Later, during the morning, many of our members, speakers, lecturers, and contributors showed us some of their lastest works.


Guenter Koch (HCM's head president): 5 years jubilee of HCM (In English)
Rodrigo Trujillo (ULL): Una propuesta civil por la promoción del conocimiento (En Español)
Rafael Zárate (Fundación 7BioTech): Biology of the Soil (In English)
Rafael Zárate (Fundación ICIC): Transferencia tecnológica para ayudar a las
empresas a desarrollar nuevos productos y procesos en el ámbito de la Biotecnología Azul de la Macaronesia (En Español)
Alfredo J. Ramírez, Josué Barrera, Francisco J. Ramos y Yannick Pérez: The role of renewable energies in the lifecycle analysis of the electric vehicles (In English)
Josué Barrera, Alfredo J. Ramírez, Francisco J. Ramos y Yannick Pérez: Techno-economical analysis of massive storage systems and island interconnections (In English)
Celebrating 5 years of HCM: Final programme (ENGLISH)
Celebrando 5 años de HCM: Programa final (ESPAÑOL)

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