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Coming up at Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity: Tacoronte, land of wine

On late June 2018, Humboldt Cosmos Multiversity will organize a brand-new wine-themed seminar on wine growing, best marketing practices and customer experience, which will take place in Tacoronte  (Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain). This event will be based in a combination of conferences, workshops and Tacoronte and Acentejo regions wine tastings, under the directorship of Prof. Albert Stöckl from the International Wine Business from the Krems University of Applied Sciences (Austria), in cooperation with the Wine Board of Tacoronte-Acentejo, under the auspice of Tacoronte’s mayor, Mr. Álvaro González Dávila.


The key speakers of this event will be


  • Dr. Albert Stöckl, professor at the Krems University of Applied Sciences (Austria). Dr. Stöckl is a reputed expert in the international wine industry. As programme director, he has been responsible for the Bachelor Programme on International Wine Business at Krems since 2014. He has also been overseeing several international research projects on wine and wine marketing. Dr. Stöckl’s parts on this programme are about business education focused on specialists’ commercial knowledge for wine production. The degree course is offered in close collaboration with leading wine industry representatives. This course also emphasizes sales-related topics, and associated export activities as well. The course is intended to qualify students for the following positions in the wine business: wineries, family-owned wine businesses, cooperative associations, import and export businesses, specialist retailers and industry associations.


  • Dr. Lucia Bailetti, head of the Italian Center of Sensory Analysis (CIAS). CIAS is a service company founded in Matelica (Regione Marche, Italia), engaging in research in sensory analysis and consumer science. The philosophy of CIAS’ innovation and the quality of its research that distinguishes CIAS has led this company to emerge in the field of neuroscience, in order to provide more complete and reliable surveys and reports. CIAS offers to its customers the most innovatives technologies and methodologies to provide accurate information on consumers and products. To know what consumers perceive and “feel” is the first and essential step to guarantee effective business feedback. CIAS owns a unique method for objectively measure the sensory information, attention, emotions and cognitive loads aroused in consumers, in response to the more intrinsic stimuli.

Preliminary programme


Relator: Dr. Lucia Bailetti
Estimated duration: 4 hours (in the morning)

Content (modules)

  1. Wine’s sensorial profile and its importance to undestand its evolution
  2. Methods of analysis to measure wine’s value perception and the factor which influde its caracteristics. Preferences and expectations from a sensorial and emotional point of view
  3. Practical excercises about regional winesRelator: Prof. Albert Franz Stöckl


Relator: Prof. Albert Franz Stöckl
Estimated duration: 4 hours (in the afternoon)

Content (modules)

  1. A food and gastronomic tourism analysis study in Austria and Germany
  2. Best international practices and recomendations to boost food and wine tourism



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